Drilling Fluid Stystems (Type 1 & 2)


  Type 1 - Water-based Drilling Fluid System

 Functions and Benefits

Fluid loss control
Protection from wellbore from caving and contamination
Inhibition of forming
Compatibility of additives under high temperature, high pressure and high salt  and all deep well harsh conditions
Reduction of friction
Elimination of lost circulation
Improvement of rheology
Reduction of health, safety and environment impact, etc.

Product Classification
  • Oil/Gas Reservoir Protecting  Agent
  • Fluid Loss Control series
  • Lost Circulation Controller
  • Thinner
  • Drilling Lubricant and Shale Inhibitor
  • Defoamer
  • Shale Inhibitor, Clay Stabilizer
  • Lubricants for Anti-sticking

Type 2 - Oil-base/Synthetic-base Fluid System

 Functions and Benefits 
Especially suitable when highest thermal stability, shale inhibition and low toxicity are required
High tolerance with contamination and seawater
High performance in control of HTHP fluid loss
Excellent lubricity
Greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity
Constant rheology properties from low to high temperatures
Optimize production process
Improve efficiency in drilling speed and cleaning of hole cleaning
Minimize HSE impact

 Product Classification

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