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Acidizing and Fracturing System

To control acidizing speed via gelling or retarding action
To intensify acidizing effect by encouraging the formation permeability and depth of the treatment
To prevent damage to the reservoir formation ( clay swelling, shale collapse)
To protect steel casing and metal from corrosion
To prevent emulsification between crude oil and acid during acidizing
To block the formation of iron precipitate, avoiding the oil reservoir clogging
To inhibit surfactants - corrosion inhibitor and non- emulsifier absorbing on stratum
To improve fracturing efficiency and effect substantially by crossing linking/forming effect
To thoroughly back-flush the used acid fluid and sediments from the reservoir

Product Classification
  • Acidizing Enhancer by Multi-hydrogen  Acid System
  • Clay Stabilizer
  • Gelling Agent
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Mutual Solvent
  • Forming Agent for Fracturing
  • Iron Ion Stabilizer
  • Non-Emulsifier
  • Clean-up Agent
  • Forming Agent
  • Temporarily Blocking-up Agent

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