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 1.  Cementing Systems

    Problems involving in cementing process: 
Gas migration
Fluid loss
Incompatibility of cementing fluid under high temperature and high salt conditions
Setting time control and cement strength issues, etc.


    Non-permeable, anti-gas migration, high temperature, high salt compatible system is   



   Products applied in the system:

Fluid Loss Controller NHG33S, NHG306                                               
Early Strength Agent NHG 202
Retarder NHG-I, GH-7, GH-8, GH-9 
Dispensing Agent NHUSZ and
Expander NHQJ-625, ext.


   Regions of our clients' distributions: 

    Major Chinese oilfields in North, West, central and South West of China; Middle

    East (Kuwait, Iran), Europe (Kazakhstan) and Africa (Kenya), etc.

    Objectives achieved:

  •  Early Strength for wells with medium depth
  •  Fluid Loss Control under high Temperature, high salt conditions
  •  Retarding effect from medium to high temperature
  •  Strength enhancement
  •  Adjustment and maintenance of a proper rheology environment

 2.    Stimulation Systems

Problems involved in acidizing, fracturing processes:

Acidizing speed is out of control, causing formation damage and ineffective in depth.
Hard to acidize into deep levels
Emulsion with crude oil
Iron ions deposition
Scale deposition
Pollution due to acidizing


   Solution 1:

    Multi H Acid System: To facilitate a deep acidizing by releasing multi-hydrogen ions,   

    step by step to provide a stable H+ concentration, decreasing the damage to the

    wellbore formation nearby.

      Products applied in the system:

HCl; NHMF; NHMH5 (acids)
NHZHS (corrosion inhibitor)
NHZTW (iron stabilizer)
NHXA1(clay stabilizer)                                                                          
NHZPR (non-emulsifier)
NHZZP (clean up agent)
NHZHR (Mutual solvent)

    Regions of our clients' distributions:

     China main oilfields and oilfields in Oman.

    Objectives achieved:

  • Intensification of acidizing effect by encouraging the formation permeability and depth of the treatment
  • Prevention of damage to the reservoir formation ( clay swelling, shale collapse)
  • Protection steel casing and metal from corrosion
  • Prevention of emulsification between crude oil and acid during acidizing
  • Blocking the formation of iron precipitate, avoiding the oil reservoir clogging
  • Inhibition of surfactants - corrosion inhibitor and non- emulsifier absorbing on stratum
  • Improvement fracturing efficiency and effect substantially by crossing linking effect /forming effect
  • Thoroughly back-flush the used acid fluid and sediments from the reservoir

Solution 2:

     High temperature gelling Agent System: Especially for HT intensive acidizing/fracturing


     Products applied in the system:

HT Gelling Agent for Acidizing NHCX208;
Acid Retarder NHYHS                                                   
Ion Stabilizer NHCX301
Non-Emulsifier NHCX302
Forming agent NHCX 303
Bactericide NHCX303
Cross-linker NHCX 306
Cleaner NHCX308

     Regions of our clients' distributions:


      Major oilfield in China and Middle East countries like Doha, etc.


      Objectives achieved:

  • Retaining a high and stable viscosity under high temperature in deep wells, effectively reducing acid loss and achieving a better stimulation.
  • Increase flow volume while effectively decrease fracture pressure for its “Shear Thinning” effect.
  • Lower cost in acidizing for its lower concentration applied in achieving higher gelling effect compared with other compatible products.
  • Clean off the residual acid after acidizing for a thorough degradation in the gelling agent when the acidic condition is weaken after functioning.
  • Excellent compatibility with other additives in acidizing.

 3.    Drilling Fluid Systems

Problems involving in drilling process:

Wellbore collapse esp. in horizontal shale drilling
Protection of gas-oil reservoir from contaminant of outside substances
Low efficiency in drilling due to high friction
Pollution of gas-oil reservoirs


       Our NHMEG pseudo oil-based drilling fluid system has been applied in China Oilfields

       and countries - Doha, Sudan and Chat, ext.

Objectives achieved:

  • Outstanding lubrication
  • Efficient shale inhabitation
  • High tolerance with other agents and heat
  • Environmental friendly -  Biodegradable properties
  • Good protection to oil-gas reservoir

 4.    Applications of our agent for Oil Recovery Enhancer and Water  



     Application of Demulsifier NHZPR


     Crude oil demulsifier is a water soluble segmented polyether. It is chemical stable,   

     non-toxic, non-pollutant, use-friendly, and widely used in acidizing, intensive oil 

     recovery and sewage.  For its high performance of demulsification, it has been one

     of the best demulsifer in China. It is also applied by Sudan oilfields.


     For sewage treatment, it can remove oil content in oilfield water significantly. Practice  

     has proved the oil content of sewage water reduced by 94% with 50kg in daily



     Application of Plugging Agent NHC105

     It has been proved oil production has been increased by 144% after using NHC105

     during intensive oil recovery process.



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