Company Overview


Since 1989, we have been a leading specialist in oilfield chemicals, equipment & engineering support. We are an experienced professional supplier in industrial chemicals, equipment, spare parts and laboratory instruments for over two decades.

Through frontline technical support, we offer customized solutions for oil production processes including but not limited to drilling, completion, cementing and stimulation, enhanced oil recovery and oilfield waste management.

Our comprehensive series of oilfield chemical products focus on problem solving from general to specific, aiming to deliver high efficiency and production yields, cost reductions and minimal health, safety and environmental (HSE) impact.

Our clients’ enquiries are guaranteed response within 24 hours. Free consultation and tailored-made laboratory support are part of our services.

 Examples of Successful Projects and Experiences

Our company founder is a co-author of "THE PRINCIPLE OF DRILLING FLUID TECHNOLOGY", a classic oilfield drilling technology publication.
Application of new cementing systems to solve problems with high temperature, deep wells, different water properties in XinJiang oilfields
Application of PAC system into sea-water drilling fluid for China’s offshore oilfields.
Application of a specific gelling agent system to stimulate acidizing/fracturing for Changqing oilfield.
Application of a specific gelling agent system to stimulate acidizing/fracturing for Changqing oilfield.
The first company to introduce mud additives for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in China. Our research and publications on solving stuck-rigs and well casing problem by application of drilling mud technology have significantly contributed to the development in HDD technology in China.
The first company to import Guar gum from India and Pakistan for China’s food industry.

 Our Vision

To provide quality products, best solutions and reliable pre-and-after sales services, striving to create value for our clients globally.


1. Tailor-made solutions and laboratory support in the following  applications on land and offshore:

Drilling fluid system
Cementing slurry system
Stimulation system (Acidizing, fracturing and water shutoff system)
Enhanced oil recovery and water shutoff system
Waste control  and water treatment system for oilfields and industries

2. Raw chemicals, equipment and spare parts for industry

Equipment and laboratory instruments for oilfields and general applications

 Import and Export Business

We i
mport and export high quality chemicals, equipment and instruments globally. Please feel free to send your enquiries to us.

 Cooperation and Partnership

For the past two decades, we have been cooperating with oilfield chemical, equipment manufacturers, research and engineering companies from different countries, dedicating to provide quality services and quality products globally.  Please contact us if you are seeking for collaboration and association to synergize your technology and business.


For further information, consultation and cooperation, please contact us by email or direct calls. We appreciate your enquiries and trust and are ready to help.

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